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  • The pros and cons of owning a giant breed dog

    April 9, 2022 by

    There are many things to consider before adopting a giant breed dog. Some breeds can weigh over 100 pounds, and they all require plenty of space to run and exercise. They also have very specific dietary needs and require regular grooming. Before adopting a giant breed dog, be sure to do your research so you… Read more

  • Rottweiler Lab Mix

    June 18, 2021 by

    Crossbreeds are in trends right now and Crossbred dogs can learn to be disciplined as easily as purebred alternatives. They can also adopt the personality of their parents, and won’t be timid when socialized around others. If you want a dog who is loyal, loving, and protective? If so, the Pitbull Cane Corso mix may be for you.… Read more

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